Westminster Road Mega-Mix

When I had my 2004 psychotic breakdown I lived at 27 Westminster Road, in Coventry, England. A dark and creepy place (27 Westminster Road, not England! But maybe Coventry...) During that time there are certain tracks that to me are anthems of that time and place. A time I look back on with fondness and nostalgia.

In my book I said I'd make a 27 Westminster Road mega-mix, featuring all the anthems to my 2004 psychotic breakdown. 

Well. Here it is!

These are the themes to my 2004 breakdown, listed in no significant order. I recommend the albums that each of these tracks are on.

First, Decades by Joy Division from their album Closer. I love their sound, how bleak and poignant it is. If you like this track then check out the album it's on!

Secondly, Utopia by Goldfrapp. This got stuck in my head big time which made me play it - again and again - which helped me become psychotic! I loved this song. Check out the album this is on too, it's called Felt Mountain.

Third, Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand. I thought this was all about inviting assassination from my political opponents. I loved this song. Check out the album it's on - it's Franz Ferdinand's self-titled debut album.

Fourth, River Euphrates by The Pixies. I love the Pixies. I love their demented nonsense lyrics.

And fifth, Insectivora by The Constantines. To me, song captures what it felt like living in that awful place.

Sixth - Train by Goldfrapp. A very psychedelic song from a very psychedelic album. Called Black Cherry.

And seventh - Matinee by Franz Ferdinand. Off their self-titled debut album. This song is about being in an educational institution. "find me and follow me through corridors refectories and files you must follow me, this academic factory  you'll find me in the matinee it's better in the matinee the dark of the matinee is mine, yes it's mine". Classic.

And eighth, The Eternal, by Joy Division. To me, this evokes memories of being on the edges of both society and sanity.

And ninth, Where Is My Mind? By The Pixies. Apparently, it is "way out in the water; see it swimming"!

And, finally, Colony by Joy Division. During my breakdown I was obsessed with ants and bees (who come in colonies) and also thought this song was about the United Kingdom being an American colony, so it had multiple meanings to me!

And I loved the lyric "God in his wisdom took you by the hand, God in his wisdom made you understand, in this colony"

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