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Edit: Over time, my beliefs have fluctuated, like a big swinging pendulum:

One minute Sim Theory - the next Christianity - then back again, then back the other way, then back again....

In this book I said I was a Christian and that Simulation Theory was rubbish

I now believe in Simulation Theory and am no longer a Christian - but I don't think Christianity is rubbish! - far from it.

I will at some point go into this in much greater depth.

Edit: I am now a Christian who has completely disowned Simulation Theory! Here are the details of my book, which can be found on such places as Amazon and Barnes and Nobel.

Title: Dropped By The Establishment

Author: Ed Penny

Publisher: Chipmunkapublishing

ISBN-10: 1783825839

ISBN-13:  978-1783825837

Edit: I currently believe that Madaba is in fact a demon and that I have been dropped by The Establishment! 

I no longer believe in Satan or in devils. And I don't think I am haunted by such a being. How medieval was that! And I don't believe in the God of Abraham either although I am agnostic about there being a Supreme Being. And I no longer believe I was "dropped by the establishment"

I believe that I work for The Over-Seers of The Simulation, not any human organisation.

I believe that Madaba is the name of the "computer" that is running this simulation and that Butterfly is the means through which he communicates with me. I do not think he is a demon. Or that I am possessed or haunted!

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