About Me

My name is Edward. Or Ed. Or Eddi.

You may call me any of the above

I was born in 1983 on the Greek island of Rhodes

My mother is English and my father Greek

I grew up in West Yorkshire, in the North of England

And still live there!

I got baptised as an adult on the 19th of January 2020

Here's a pic:

I am very much a Christian.

I do plenty of church stuff on Zoom.

I am an alumnus of The Open University! So I have letters that go after my name!

I am Eddi B.A. (hons)

But I don't use my post-nominals.

Since 2004 I have been diagnosed as Schizophrenic as I am haunted by demon who was sent to me by Satan.

I explain all this in a book that I've written! Press the button called "All About My Book" that's under this website's title (above where the pic of my face is) to find out more!

I hope you enjoy this blog and that you will consider following it. Or at least return sometime in the future.

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