August 19, 2021

withdrawing from public life

I am withdrawing from public life

I will leave this website up, with info about my book on it

But I no longer aspire to be a public figure

I will no longer be blogging here

And I'm no longer going to write about stuff - or at least not publish stuff

If you have any queries about the book I can be reached using the contact me feature on this blog

Maybe in the future I'll write another book, I have some rough ideas brewing as to a potential book but it's still very early days

But until that happens it's bye bye blogging

Thanks for reading!

Edward's Mission is over

He's quit!

August 14, 2021


This blog is getting more and more traffic...

But the question is - is this increase in traffic from real people, or is it all just bots?

Am I wasting my time with this blog?

Are all the views from bots???

Is there any point in writing if nobody is reading? there anybody out there??????