July 20, 2021

irresistible grace?

Time after time I have veered away from God only to return...



I think this might be because I am one of the elect


And that if God wants you saved then it is impossible to go against this and not get saved


It’s your destiny


You cannot escape it


In Calvinism this is called “irresistible grace”


If God wants you then you cannot get away from him


That’s what I’m thinking at the moment, anyway…

For me following Christianity is the way by which I follow God and relate to him as I believe that Christianity is the primary means though which God relates to humankind

Anyway, I my journey has now lead me back to Christianity having taken a detour into Simulation Theory!

July 19, 2021

Back to Christianity

Recently I took a break from Christianity

But I am now a Christian again

I shall re-attach my golden crucifix to the golden chain I wear around my neck, as soon as possible

So that it may serve as an outward sign of my inner faith

However, I now consider myself an "Agnostic Christian"

Will blog about this later, about what exactly that means

As for Simulation Theory... I don't know!

Let's leave it at that...