April 24, 2021

The Age of Covid?

OK, so we're well into a pandemic.

We've come a long way from since it first begun but no end is yet in sight. So we cannot at this moment tell how far into it we are.

Some pessimists say things will never be the same again, because of the pandemic. That our way of life will be forever altered.

Personally, I don't think the pandemic will ever come to an end.

Indeed I think it will evolve in to new pandemics!

Time will tell.

But let's hope and pray that it does...

Whilst also getting vaccinated!

I think everyone who can get vaccinated should get vaccinated. I have. And I'm OK. Am yet to have my second jab though.

I foresee a bleak future in which there are at all times dozens of different strains of the virus in circulation and that new vaccines will always have to be being developed and deployed.

I think we are entering a new epoch: The Age of Covid

So no, I don't things will ever return to normal.

But it would be nice if they would.

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