April 18, 2021

New Book Coming Out!

Good News: I have written a book and that book has been published!

It is currently available on Amazon as an e-book

It will soon be coming out as a paperback, too!

The book is called “Dropped By The Establishment". It is about how as a young man I was a part of The Establishment with great things ahead for me. But was then dropped by them after abusing drugs and having a dramatic and memorable mental breakdown. I believe that to shut me down they got Satan to assign me my own personal demon, so that I would be diagnosed as schizophrenic. And would therefore never be a threat to The Establishment, having been dropped by them!


You can purchace it on Amazon now.


You can read it either through your browser, on an actual Kindle device, or on your desktop using Amazon’s own e-book reading app which you can download for free from Amazon.

Here is where you can order it from:

Currently it is only available as an e-book but in about a week or so it will be available as a paperback too. Once it is out as a paperback I will make an announcement on this blog.

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