Friday, March 19, 2021

learning Japanese

Have now started to learn Japanese grammar, now that I am starting to become familiar with at least one of its alphabets...

Am currently learning the difference between the "topic maker" which is indicated by "wa" - or 

And the "subject marker" which is indicated by "ga", or

I'm still trying to figure out the difference between the two!

Apparently these are types of "particle" - there is also a possessive marker and a question marker too! But those are much more straightforward!

I do not yet understand it

I think the "topic marker" is used to indicate what word the sentence is about, and the "subject marker" has something to do with the verb of a sentence. I think!

I didn't want to learn an Indo-European language, I wanted something different and I certainly did get something different!

Also, in Japanese there is no plural

And no spaces between the words!

I am currently working through watching The Crown - once I have watched all of that I'm going to start watching anime!

Do you understand the difference between a "topic marker" and a "subject marker"?

If so, please leave a comment, below! 😀

I've found this, which has been a little helpful

There are other videos about it too!

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