Wednesday, March 24, 2021



This is what I must learn if I ever want to become proficient in Japanese

Actually there are more than just these:

There are things called Dakuten, that you put next to a letter, it is a kind of mark

If you put one near a syllable that is pronounced K it is pronounced as G, instead

So Ku would become Gu, Ki become Gi, and so on

As is also the case with K and G it is also the case with S and Z, T and D, and H and B

Also, there is another thing whose name escapes me that makes the consonant a P, as opposed to an H

Once I've learnt them I shall start communicating with people online, in Japanese!

It's good to be learning a proper language

Esperanto is a non-language

I cannot believe I was so enamoured by it

And there's nowhere where it is actually spoken! There is no such place as Esperanto-land

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