Monday, February 8, 2021

Why I am a Monotheist

Have been wrestling with the concept of The Holy Trinity lately

Been doing some thinking:

Regarding the three persons whop make up The Holy Trinity...


 a) together they form a single, unified Godhead


b) the unified Godhead manifests itself into three distinct beings

If option A is true then I am a tri-theist

If option B is true then I am a monotheist


The thing is, they all share the same divine essence

Which tells us option B is true, as the members of the Trinity are aspects of the divine substance - and that divine substance is Divinity!

They are manifestations of Divinity

This brings us back to the old formula of "three persons of one essence"

But personally, I place more emphasis on "three persons" than I do on "one essence"

So in theory, I am a mono-theist, but in practice I'm more of a tri-theist

This is my Heavenly Father, the person I pray to
He loves me like I'm his child

This is my spiritual leader and the man who has kept me out of Hell

This is an active influence in my life

I think of each of these as a distinct person

When I pray "to God" it is God The Father I have in mind

But I think that they all share a common substance, that they are separate manifestations of a single entity

I only pray to or worship God The Father, hence I am a Monotheist, even if the entity I worship and pray to is only one part of a trinity!

But the other two are important to me too!

I am not a Henotheist as I believe there is only one divine entity: The Godhead!

I don't think each member is a divine entity in their own right!

Hence I worship only one aspect of the single Godhead, as opposed to worshipping one God out of many

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