Sunday, February 7, 2021


I am beginning to question the assertion that Christianity is monotheistic...

However, I still believe there is only one Godhead. And that the Godhead is triune in nature.

Imagine a married couple. A husband and a wife. Joined together in holy matrimony.

Are they two people or one couple???

Do we think of them as John Smith and Mary Smith or as "Mr. and Mrs. Smith"? - as one entity or as two persons?

Likewise, do we think of God in terms of being "The Holy Trinity" or as being Father, Son, and Spirit? - as one entity or as three persons?

Is the Godhead the entity and the Father, Son, and Spirit components - or are the Father, Son, and Sprit the entities, whom together form the Godhead???

Do the individual members form the Godhead or does the Godhead form the individual members?

If the former, polytheism, if the latter, monotheism

I believe in a single, unified Godhead that is composed of three persons - not of three persons who are composed of a single, unified Godhead!

Although I believe all three are of one divine substance - which is where the analogy between it and the married couple breaks down!

Here are the three sides of the triune Godhead and all of them are made of the same divine substance:

This is Jesus Christ

He rules the Kingdom of Heaven

He has the status of King

He is humankind's boss and leader

But also our saviour and friend

This is the Holy Spirit

He is in control of divine providence

He gets things done and makes things happen

He is how God communicates with humankind

This is God The Father

He is like a father to the whole of humanity

He loves everyone

He hears our prayers and sometimes answers them

And I believe this illustrates how the Godhead is arranged:

Three persons who are of one substance.

But, fundamentally, three persons!

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