Saturday, December 26, 2020

Scripture(s) of The Day: Day 9

1 John 5:19 (GNT)

We know that we belong to God even though the whole world is under the rule of the Evil One

Psalm 47:7

God is king over all the world; praise him with songs!

So, God is the rightful ruler of our world yet our world is "under the rule" of Satan

This is to say that Satan is in control, and God is like a king-in-exile who reigns from afar, from Heaven.

God is the rightful ruler and Satan is an usurper and a rebel

When Christ returns to Earth (from Heaven) God will rule from Earth and Satan's illegitimate reign will come to an end.

Christians are the resistance! We resist Satan's rule, and seek to bring about God's rule, and we operate in a largely hostile environment

Jesus is the ultimate freedom fighter, and he is on our side!

This spiritual struggle is between what is Good (God) and what is Evil (Satan)

It is easy to tell whose side of the struggle a thing (or person) is on, all it takes is your moral compass

To Paraphrase

There is a spiritual struggle happening on Earth between the forces of Good (God) and Evil (Satan). Satan controls the world but God is its rightful ruler. The world is therefore mostly an Evil place. But there is hope!

What does this mean for Christians?

Every time you behave like a good Christian Satan's plan is defeated, if only by a tiny tiny degree. And every drop of faith you have helps the war effort too.

We need to wage spiritual warfare - both within our own hearts and minds and publicly too. If we don't put up a fight then good will never triumph - it is up to us to make the difference. There are lots of good things and people in the world that can help us, but lots of evil things too, that we need to combat.

Spiritual warfare is very much afoot

And it is as much a public, social and political fight as it is an inner, personal fight

So, to play your part? Be an active Christian! - get yourself in order, help others get themselves in order, then organise to help change the world for the better! Overcome your own personal evils and then focus on social evils, which in themselves cause personal evils!

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