Friday, December 18, 2020


 "Christmas" can mean two separate things:

1) The celebration of the birth of Christ
2) A winter feast, of pagan origins

The first of these is a genuine religious festival and is something I very much approve of.

However, "Christmas" as a winter feast has I think long since degenerated into commercialism and an opportunity to make money...

Perhaps before it did this it was more pure?

Look at all the Christmas adverts that come out each year - it's big business! 

And it is in the interests of business to promote it!

Seriously, it is for children

The magic of Father Christmas, etc.

Yes, it is nice to get together with family and friends. But you can do that anyway, you shouldn't need a specific festival to do so!

When adults celebrate it they are regressing to a child-like state

Look at the lockdown measures being suspended for Christmas (in the UK) - it has taken priority over public health!

But yes, having a public holiday for people to have a break and spend time with their loved ones is a good idea - especially in the middle of winter...

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