Saturday, December 19, 2020

A supplemental Scripture of The Day! (day 2b)

My friend Dan suggested I do Galatians 4:26 for tomorrow's Scripture of The Day

I wrote it today, intending to post it tomorrow

But I cannot contain myself, so I've posted it today, in addition to the other post I made today!

But normally I will only do one post per day, today is very much an exception!

This is what came to mind when I studied the scripture. This is what I got out of it. If you have another take on it please share in the comments! 😀

Galatians 4:26 (Good News Translation)

But the heavenly Jerusalem is free, and she is our mother.

When this scripture was written Jerusalem - the centre of the Jewish world - was under Roman occupation. It was not free, therefore the Jews were not free.

In contrast, the “heavenly” Jerusalem, however, is free.

“Heavenly Jerusalem” refers to Heaven: God’s Kingdom

There is therefore a distinction in operation between Heavenly and Earthly and between Free and Enslaved

  • Heaven is free
  • Earth is enslaved

Heavenly Jerusalem is therefore a Godly place as it is described as being Heavenly. Whereas Earthly Jerusalem is not Heavenly as it is under the authority of a pagan Empire.

But what about the word “Free”?

I think it means “free” from Satan’s influence

Perhaps more so than “free” from foreign occupation

What does it mean by “she is our mother”?

Basically: Heaven is our home, our motherland!

I think it means to say that we are members of the Heavenly Jerusalem!

Citizens of The Kingdom of Heaven!

And that spiritually we can be free, even if we are oppressed or subjugated here on Earth

Calling the Heavenly Jerusalem our “mother” goes alongside calling God our “father”, it makes us sons and daughters of Jerusalem - I.e. citizens of Heavenly Jerusalem - whilst also being sons and daughters of God!

But it means more than Heaven - it also means The Church, “The Mother Church”, which is a part of the Kingdom of God.

The Christian Church is therefore a part of God’s Kingdom, as he relates to humankind through organised Christians who keep the gospel alive.

So, To Paraphrase…

This is how I would paraphrase Galatians 4:26:

The world is full of sin due to Satan’s influence

And the holy city of Jerusalem is ruled by an un-Godly foreign power.

But there is a Heavenly Jerusalem.

This Heavenly Jerusalem is ruled by God

And is free from Satan’s influence

We are children of Heaven

We belong to the Heavenly Jerusalem

She is our mother and we are her children

The Earthly Jerusalem is corrupt and oppressed

But the Heavenly Jerusalem is pure and free

What Does This Mean For Christians?

  • It means that we are all sons and daughters of Heaven
  • And that Heaven is our "motherland"
  • And that Heaven is free from Satan's influence, unlike the Earth
  • And that Heaven is ruled by God, as opposed to the un-Godly powers who rule Earth
  • If we humans all have a common mother (Heaven) and father (God) then that makes us all brothers and sisters!
  • Heaven is our motherland - our (future) home! We truly belong there!

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